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We believe good relationships and quality of life are more important than profit.
We are together on this planet but a short time.
Let's do business as trusting friends and enjoy each other's company.
The profit will come.

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Serious Savings of up to 50% to 90% over phone company, cable and Internet phone services.
Try that with your phone company!

We're not even talking about $2.95 per line (and that would be a great deal) - we're talking about $2.95 for all the lines you need - up to 24 if you need them.  And yes, the decimal point is in the right place.  How do we do it? Click here!

ACG is a specialy provider of digital phone service for small business.  We offer high quality phone service competitive to phone company, cable and Internet services - but with vastly lower prices, highly personal service and far more features - all custom tailored for your small business or entrepreneurial endeavor.
Quality Phone Service at Vastly Lower Cost.
Keep your existing number - or get new ones from us in over 1000 North American markets plus 80 countries - all routing to your location - wherever you are worldwide.
Keep your existing phone system - or use our low cost, reliable IP phones, devices and hosted ancillary services.
Low cost, hosted "Cloud" based Ancillary Services including auto attendant, call queues, ring groups, time-of-day-routing, multiple voice mail accounts with email forwarding and more - all custom tailored to meet your specific needs with no equipment to buy or maintain.
Route your calls to anywhere in the world - even multiple phones in multiple locations,
Extremely Personal Service that only a small business can provide.






No Contracts.
No Taxes. *

No Commitment.

No Pressure.

No Bull.

Just great phone service for your business with personal attention, awesome features  and
incredible prices.

Call us.  We'll explain how it works.

* Applicable state and local taxes are included in our pricing.  There are no additional charges or fees.